$47.00 USD

Habitat Hacks for Healthy Donkey Hooves

Want to maintain healthier, happier donkeys? I'll show you how to optimize their habitat for ultimate hoof health.


In this fun, insightful 90-minute workshop, you'll discover the three most crucial elements of a hoof-friendly habitat - movement, footing, and enrichment. We'll dive into each element, explaining the why and how, with practical tips and actionable steps that you can start implementing right away.


Join me live on Saturday June 10th -  9am PST.  You'll get to ask questions and engage in real-time.  

And don't worry if you can't make it live - you'll have access to the recording after the session.


In our workshop well cover:

  • proper movement for donkey health.
  • suitable footing to maintain and improve hoof health. 
  • enriched environment for your donkey's overall well-being.


Invest in your donkey's hoof health today. Join us for our "Habitat Hacks for Healthy Donkey Hooves" workshop.

It's just $47.


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