Donkey Care & Hoof Health Workshops - Monthly Subscription

Donkey Care & Hoof Health - Monthly Workshops. Replays always available.  

Elevate Your Donkey Care Journey! 🌟

Discover the ultimate Monthly Donkey Care & Hoof Health Workshops exclusively designed for passionate donkey owners like you!

Join our expert-led workshops to gain comprehensive knowledge in donkey care, from nutrition and grooming to positive training techniques.

Strengthen your bond with your donkey, optimize hoof health, and become a confident and compassionate caregiver.

Connect with a supportive global community of like-minded donkey enthusiasts and embark on an enriching journey of continuous growth. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your donkey ownership experience and ensure your donkey lives it's best life! 





Please note:  these are not donkey hoof trimming instruction. These will encompass many topics surrounding donkey care & healthy hooves. 

$27.00 USD

Every month

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