Hi, I'm Megan Hensley, also known as The Donkey Farrier... 

the heart behind Holistic Hooves.


Two decades with donkeys have taught me a lot. Now, I’m sharing this knowledge with you – effective diy hoof care & trimming paired with overall wellness for a healthier, happier donkey.


I’m glad you are here!

I have seen a lot of donkeys and owners suffering over the years, with hoof, health, and “behavior” problems.

This truly is just a reflection of the lack of accurate information and education readily available for donkey owners and professionals.

But I’m here to change that!


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“Everyone loves donkeys, they just might not know it yet”
- Megan Hensley




Have you ever wanted to take your donkey's hoof care into your own hands? If so, I have an opportunity that might be perfect for you.

I'm inviting you to apply for the DIY Donkey Trimming 2.0 - Exclusively for Donkey Owners & Beginners; an online course designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to care for your donkey's hooves effectively.


What You'll Experience:

  • In-depth online self paced learning about donkey hoof care & diy trimming. 
  • 6 months of personalized coaching to guide your trimming journey.
  • 6 Monthly Q/A's 
  • A supportive community of fellow donkey owner trimmers.


Is DIY Donkey Trimming 2.0 The Right Choice for You?

Tailored for donkey owners who want to gain independence from relying on farriers, this program empowers you to confidently handle your donkey's hoof care and trimming. It's ideal for reducing stress for both you and your donkey, effectively addressing hoof health issues. More than just a trimming course, it's a pathway to deepen your connection with your donkey, turning routine care into moments of trust and bonding. 


How to Apply: Simply fill out the application form below. I'll review your application personally and reach out to discuss all the program details, enrollment options, and how the DIY Donkey Trimming 2.0 can benefit you and your donkey.

Thank You! 

Look forward to me reaching out via text after you have submitted your application. While you wait, please take a look at these student testimonials! 

✨ Student Testimonials Here ✨

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