Meet Megan Hensley, the Donkey Farrier

“Everyone loves donkeys, they just might not know it yet”

- Megan Hensley

Hey there,
I'm Megan Hensley, the heart behind Holistic Hooves.

I’ve been head over heels for donkeys for almost two decades, and have had the great pleasure of serving them in a hoof care capacity for nearly 17 years.

But as I started spending more time around these incredible beings, I realized that many of them weren't getting the care they truly needed.

That's when my passion for donkey care transformed into my life's purpose.

Donkeys are amazing!

And as a donkey owner, I know you want the best for them.

That’s probably how you landed here on my site :)

You are on a search for donkey hooves and health information.

I’m glad you are here!

I have seen a lot of donkeys and owners suffering over the years, with hoof, health, and “behavior” problems.

This truly is just a reflection of the lack of accurate information and education readily available for donkey owners and professionals.

Donkeys are historically severely underserved and misunderstood, especially in the farrier industry.

This never sat right with me.

I’m a rebel, donkeys were an underdog, so I made it one of my missions to provide them excellent care, and ultimately shine a light on them in a way that shows how special they are with an emphasis on their unique care needs.

Today, I'm proud to be The Donkey Farrier

My years of experience and deep deep love for donkeys has allowed me to show up in a way that offers support and education that creates opportunities for owners to deepen their relationship with their own donkeys while improving hooves and overall health.

My approach to donkey care is rooted in understanding their unique physiology and psychology, and I combine this knowledge with my farrier skills to create a well-rounded, holistic approach to donkey wellness.

With love and passion for donkeys,
Megan Hensley

Healthier, Happier Donkeys Deserve a Good Trim

Many people that reach out to me are first time donkey owners and have no idea how to care for their donkeys especially when it comes to trimming their hooves.

Maybe you haven’t found a professional to do it for you or you’re taking on the mission to feel connected to your donkey, no matter your reason, I know how lost you might be feeling right now.

I know trimming a hoof can seem intimidating, especially if you have never done it yourself so that’s why I created the most complete online course in the market to show you every detail on how to properly trim your donkey’s hooves.

With a little help from your friend Megan (that’s me!) and a dash of your dedication, I guarantee you’ll see your donkey blossoming in ways you never thought possible.

You’ll feel a rush of pride as you master new skills, knowing you’re doing the very best for your beloved donkey.

About Holistic Hooves

At Holistic Hooves, we get that being a donkey owner is a joy, a responsibility, and, sometimes, a puzzle.

That's why we’ve created a bunch of super-useful online programs just for you.

We’re talking hoof care, nutrition, overall health, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of your donkey's needs.

Picture this: a roadmap to optimal donkey care.
No more diving down internet rabbit holes, no more deciphering jargon.

Just plain English, a sprinkle of my personal stories, and lots of easy-to-follow, practical advice.

Ways we can help you

Why put it off when a healthier and happier donkey is just a mouse click away?

Come on over, check out our online programs and take hoof care into your own hands.

It’s an investment in knowledge and, trust me, it’s one of the best gifts you can offer your donkey.

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My Mission

My mission as "The Donkey Farrier" and founder of Holistic Hooves is to provide compassionate hoof care for donkeys and to teach others to do the same.

Through my one-of-a-kind online course, I teach donkey owners about donkey wellness and DIY hoof trimming, with an emphasis on safe, fun, gentle hoof handling practices.

I am passionate about shining a light on the misunderstood and underserved donkeys and elevating their status in the equine industry.

I believe in educating and empowering donkey owners to care for their donkeys in a way that promotes overall health and well-being while building trust and strengthening their relationship with their donkey.

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As "The Donkey Farrier", my work is to champion the unique needs of donkeys.

Through hands-on work and online courses, I aim to educate donkey owners worldwide.

I'm driven by a deep love for these amazing creatures and a desire to improve their well-being.

I strive to change perceptions and standards in the hoof care industry, advocating for and promoting a specialized care approach for donkeys.

Championing the Underdog:

My Journey as a Donkey Farrier

In the heart of the farrier industry, a peculiar niche of individuals has long been overlooked and, sadly, even maltreated - the donkeys and mules.

Often misunderstood and dismissed, these wonderful creatures have been my focus and passion for the past 17 years.

As a specialist in donkey farriery, I've dedicated my career to advocating for them, seeking to shift perceptions and improve their treatment across the industry.

The journey hasn't always been easy.

I've often found myself standing up for the "untrimmable," working to enlighten owners about the care their animals deserve, and training eager apprentices in the art of donkey care.

With time, I've also managed to influence my peers, demonstrating the unique charm of donkeys and inspiring newfound respect for them.

My mission extends far beyond the hooves of these humble animals.

It's about championing their worth and rectifying the widespread misunderstanding they often face.

I firmly believe that donkeys don't have problems – people do.

There's nothing inherently wrong with these creatures.

Once we commit to understanding them better, treating them with kindness, and providing them with excellent care and training, we'll see them bloom and show their true potential.

The reward? A friendship like no other.

Once you have earned the trust of a donkey, you've made a lifelong friend. You'll find them turning into your most cherished clients, always eager to cooperate and easy to trim.

They offer a friendship that's pure, uncomplicated, and infinitely rewarding.

In an exciting turn of events, my journey with donkeys is about to receive a broader platform.

Later this year or early in 2024, a TV show will feature my work, raising awareness about the amazing nature of donkeys and the need for their better treatment.

I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity to elevate the narrative around donkeys and help people appreciate their unique charm.


I adore these creatures. And with every donkey's hoof I trim, every owner I educate, and every colleague I inspire, I hope to create a future where mistreatment and disrespect for these wonderful animals is not tolerated.

My love for donkeys fuels this quest, and I'm thrilled to share it with you through this blog.

To all those who've already joined me in this journey, thank you.

To those who are yet to discover the joys of befriending a donkey, I say, prepare to fall in love. ❤